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Italian Linens and Laces

Italian Linen Florentine Tapestry Runner

This striking black flowered Italian linen tapestry runner is from Florence, Italy. Measuring approximately 12" by 65", this unique item will bring many compliments to your home.

Price: 100.00,- USD

Italian Linen Jacquard Centerpiece

This Italian Linen is Jacquard-woven so that each side is the right side. Excellent as table centerpieces. Measuring approximately 28" by 48", this classically styled Italian linen makes an excellent centerpiece! Please specify color in the comments section when ordering.

Price: 95.00,- USD

Italian Linen Jacquard Hospitality Tabletopper

These Italian linen hospitality pieces are Jacquard-woven so that both sides are beautiful. It's like getting two pieces for the price of one! Measuring 18" by 25", these tabletops are classic and eye-catching. Please specify color in the comments box when ordering.

Price: 40.00,- USD

Italian Linen Damask Tablecloth 54 x 54"

These Italian linens are Damask fabric manufactured near the town of Bergamo, Italy. The fine Damask has a high silk content and can be used on a bedroom sidetable or as your dining table centerpiece. Beautifully made in four colors, red, gold, white and pumpkin, these fabrics can be displayed on either side. They measure 54 square inches. Please specify color when ordering.

Price: 145.00,- USD